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Set in Antebellum America, Eleanor—cross-dressing as a white planter—and her husband, Bill—pretending to be her loyal servant—attempt to escape to the free state of Pennsylvania. Their operation is running smoothly until they meet Walsh, a drunk planter and member of the Not All Slavers organization, who steals Bill at a rest stop. Armed with a semi-automatic and her fair skin, Eleanor sets out to rescue him by any means necessary.

3M, 2F

  • Rising Circle Theatre Collective INKtank selection, 2017

  • New Light New Voices Award finalist, 2017/18

  • New Light New Voices Award winner, 2018/19

Produced by New Light Theater Project, January 2019


Childhood friends Naomi Xiu and Zack Booker's paths have led them to different worlds — Zack working for an Asian American civil rights group, and Naomi serving as a police officer. But when a gunshot rings out in a stairwell of a Bronx housing project, they become starkly linked — and the reverberations will ripple through their lives, the city and beyond.

6M, 5F

  • O’Neill National Playwrights Conference semi-finalist, 2017

  • Princess Grace Award finalist, 2019


In a small, suburban town in Long Island, New York, five Asian American teenage friends battle through high school—where they’re marked as Asians—and their ethnic home fronts—where they’re too American. Finding solace only amongst each other, they attempt to define for themselves what it means to be an Asian in America… for better or for worse.

4M, 2F

  • The Blank Theatre - Living Room Series selection, 2017

  • Princess Grace Award semi-finalist, 2017

  • PlayPenn New Play Conference selection, 2018


Two couples attempt to reconcile the reasons why they love the people they do. Half experiment, half medical exam, peer through the looking glass of 4 people of color navigating the politics of their desires.

4 POC, adults, any gender

Playwrights’ Center workshop 2019

Playwrights’ Center workshop 2019